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Testimonials: Welcome

"I was kindly given the hexagonal DNA sheet by Alison, and intrigued to understand more about how it could help. Originally, it was an offering for my 'not so healthy looking' plants in my house but as Alison explained 'why' the hexagonal pattern can help, I moved on to using it under my pillow to help with post covid blocked sinus issues, more as an experiment with no expectations, but after one night I was no longer keeping my husband awake snoring which was truly amazing. I also showed the pattern to my 7 year old son who is nurodiverse and he was drawn to the pattern, unprompted, he touched it, described how it felt to him and then took it and used it as a base to expel energy on....using his shoulder in contact with the sheet on the floor to break dance! Extraordinary!"

Abbe Oxley, Jan 2023

You are a gift thank you 🙏 Omg Alison I want to cry with gratitude to you! My hair feels the nicest as it has in years and my scalp is free of dandruff and big crispy bits.


Lucy Davis, Jan 2023

Testimonials: Testimonials

My personal experience of Alison's channelling as well as outcomes of requests for assistance for others is that I have witnessed & indeed felt, many profound changes in myself & others.

I have been privileged to have the benefit of this extraordinary source of Love & wonderful wisdom over the past almost 6 years.  Asking questions in a way to elicit the answer is often the key but mostly  the real need is quickly understood. Answers are given, sometimes with humour & often an energy ‘transmission’  which clears stuck energy patterns that may have been held for a very long time.

Recently, I asked a question about a friend’s daughter who had been wanting to have a baby for over 5 years with several unsuccessful IVF attempts. Immediately an ancient fear was highlighted & an energy transmission was sent to her to clear this. To the daughter’s astonishment, about 6 weeks later she discovered she was pregnant. We were all astonished at the speed with which this happened & obviously delighted. The daughter didn’t really believe it until a few weeks ago she had her 12 week scan. 

Another friend was having a really tough time with the adverse effects of chemotherapy & I asked for assistance. A homeopathic remedy was advised. It made an amazingly positive difference she could hardly believe the effects on her body at her next infusion. 

The gift of wisdom and clarity through Alison’s commitment and ability to channel is something I value more than I can adequately express. Its like having a chat with a valued friend who has so much insight & wisdom which clears the uncertainty & confusion in many areas.  Sometimes, certain things need to be cleared   before a core issue is ready to be removed. This has happened to me a number of times for which I am very grateful. 

I have also benefitted from Alison's unique healing over the past 6 years. The sessions are very individual.

She has the ability to clear or relieve physical & emotional problems during in-person healing or in a distant healing session, both are equally effective. 

Often what is highlighted in a healing is very different to what I might have thought was the issue. Sometimes a homeopathic remedy is advised. 

One of the most dramatic & welcome ones was some years ago when I had a dreadful time lasting days when I began to feel anxious, shaking & could barely walk any distance & felt on the verge of collapse, never having experienced it before, it was frightening.  In the healing Alison identified the cause & removed it completely, giving me immediate relief.  I was experiencing a psychic attack from someone i knew who wanted to harm me.  It was remarkable how quickly I felt clear of any symptoms which have not returned.

Janice Browne,   May 2021

Essentially everyone I have asked for has had remarkable “against the odds” results,  or on-goings.  

Some know & acknowledge where it has come from some not.  Like my sister who is a much more 'traditional '  type of 'Christian', believes it is her church, prayers, faith & the things she does herself, diet etc that have done it - & I'm not saying they haven't  helped, but so has Alison’s distant healing transmissions.  She has Multiple Myeloma (A fairly rare form of bone cancer) as well as another condition called Periodic Paralysis.

They can't treat the M.Myeloma without impacting the PP  &  setting off a paralysis event, which she can take 6 months to very slowly recover from   So NO chemo, NO radiotherapy etc.  

She WAS very, very poorly.  One of my trips back to NZ  was because she wasn't thought to have long.... Now she is AMAZING - Walking, Swimming, Gardening, & even Working.  Has to pace herself, but doing great.

J. who has Pancreatic Cancer, an also  very aggressive cancer

(diagnosis to death is usually just a matter of months) is also still here & doing well.  Again, needs to pace himself, but doing remarkably well, - more than 2+  years later.

My friend Linda's husband Peter with jaw & mouth cancer.

11 years ago he had lower jaw more or less removed.

This time upper jaw.  I asked for him, as also the others,  & was told:  

"Master look after this one" you did the healing transmission your face contorted !  -  so I knew for sure that this looked like no easy road !

Well Peter, got seen (for starters!) in Covid times.  Then every step of the way,  when he could have had just anyone, he got the best specialists, the best co-operation of the meetings of those top specialists, the Op asap.  A better outcome than anyone ever saw or  expected &, so far, a more than remarkable recovery.

That is not to say any of it has been easy, as you can imagine, but much much better than the possibilities could have been. 

And  then there was Dawn.  She asked should she take the offer on her house or wait. [EVERYONE including me thought she should grab it)

 She was told: "Wait or you could regret it.  Something better ."

Oh Yikes.  Really ?   She declined to take it & just five days later got an offer of FIFTY THOUSAND more, which she took!

So Healings galore 

& Miracles at every turn!

....& the latest good news on Peter is that they have said he doesn't need chemo or radiotherapy, (which was expected & would have added another year of pain & suffering to his treatment & recovery) so that is already another miracle!!

Not to forget all the advice & recommendations that have helped me.

Blessings upon Blessings !

G. G -  April 2021

Testimonials: Testimonials

I am still a bit ‘stunned’ by the way it left me feeling- in a fabulously positive and expansive space.  

I can’t remember the last time I felt like this.

In fact I didn’t email you yesterday because I thought that it may not last... ha ha!.

Also, my knee is a miracle. The swelling is still down. It’s still a bit sore but the worrying,  painful, tender swelling has gone - just like that!! Every time I look down I say thanks.

I have ordered the homeopathic remedies too.

Terry H. 2020

"In my university you have a degree,  no - a PhD!"

Swami Murali Krishna 
July 2009, Kenton

"Alison, you are the best healer I know."

Sri Jayanthi Kumaraswami
28th March 2020

I can't recommend Alison highly enough, she has and is a gift!  I can't thank Alison enough for what she has done for me, my family and my home!  Thank you Alison xxxx

Lucy D, 2019

Testimonials: Testimonials

I commend Alison to you both as a healer and as channel for Master, I have attended 2 group sessions where Alison channelled Master and found the insights clear and incisive and the resulting healing that comes with the session is palpable. In a distant healing session with Alison, she told me that she had removed soot from my mother’s lungs, in fact my mum had just been diagnosed with lung cancer and, following this healing session and 2 courses of chemotherapy and dietary changes, the scan showed the cancer had gone into remission, which the Oncologist was clearly surprised about! I look forward to seeing what other possibilities open up as I continue to work with Alison.

K.J. 2015

I have really struggled during my university degree, feeling constantly defeated and lacking in confidence. Alison has helped lift this with distance healing which has enabled me to pass my exams. I really feel the benefits of her treatments and I can't thank her enough. I highly recommend her work to anyone and everyone.

A.S. 2017

Hello, Just a note to let you know how effective the Honeycomb Hexagon is when you place it on your body. It totally amazed me the first time I did this after your show with Lauren Galey. I put it on my chest and the energy just ran very strongly through my whole body, back and front, like it was doing a calibration on me. It seems to be done when the energy slows down on you and there is a feeling like you are floating on a body of water in peace. Wherever you place it the energy starts flowing in the front and back -  fixing, healing, removing pain and balancing your body. It is amazing what this piece of paper with these symbols on it can do for you. I have been using it consistently since you talked about it on the Lauren Galey show months ago. Just wanted to say "Thank you!" for offering this to others. I not only place it on various parts of my body when something needs fixing or balancing, I have it over my 3 gallon water tank and posted behind my computer, next to my bed and on other walls of my home to harmonize the whole house. So thank you so much for this gift as it is so useful in this intense energy. I also tried it on some people I worked with and they felt the healing energy of it on their bodies too. Blessing, Light and Love to you!

Michel P. 2016

"When I first heard Master speak through Alison in a group gathering, I felt how right 'his' answers were: on a global level they gave hope that the world can still come right; and on more personal issues 'his' compassion and understanding touched and reassured all of us who asked questions.

On that basis alone I would have come back to hear more whenever I could. But an even stronger draw is from the sense of inner peace that I have felt since that first visit. I feel known and loved and secure in a way I had not known before and that is bringing me great joy."

Gwendy M 4 years ago

Gwendy M.  2016

Testimonials: Testimonials

What an amazing healer Alison is! Such pure and powerful energy from an open-hearted genuine human being. My life has changed profoundly since my first session with Alison and Master, as have the lives of those around me and all for the better. The glass of life is no longer full or empty - I am enjoying the glass!

Master answers questions with such love and clarity that you cannot but be moved and the world is a much better place.
I would highly recommend Alison to everyone, whether you are on a spiritual path or not or whether you are in need or healing or not. Life will never be the same after a session.

Thank you Alison.

Laura Keen 2016

Alison very quickly went into trance and I could feel the energy waves emanating from the presence of the “Master” within – a lovely experience.
The “Master” introduced himself and we could feel his joyful presence. Many questions were asked and I was very impressed by the depth, truth and sensitivity of his answers. The answers I received to my questions were very helpful, opening and stretching. Such answers allow one to satisfy the mind’s need for information and categorisation but also can be used to expand one’s understanding of self. This to me is the sign of an advanced guide who answers can be of benefit to a wide range of people. The answers were expressed in a way that was of most benefit to the asker.

After the last question was answered, Alison quickly came out of trance and returned to her delightful self. Afterwards, I had the opportunity for a longer conversation with Alison and I was struck by her warmth, open heartedness and down to earth practicality.

I am a medium myself and was very impressed by the “Master” and by the close connection between Alison and her guide. I would recommend Alison to anyone needing spiritual guidance or counselling in their life-path.

Peter Mott 5 years ago

Peter Mott 2015

You were amazing!! I'd had the day from hell with Zac ( I nearly didn't come!) and we did that thing with the essences and then you did it on me and I felt the top of my head open, like a flip up bin, and all this shitty energy fly out straight up and then all this white energy shoot into my head and then my head flipped close. It took about a min, it was amazing!! You are amazing!!Then for the next 3-4 days, I felt a peacefulness that I've never felt before or since. It was the most amazing feeling.. Like I was floating, all nice and free, no restrictions!! Complete peace.

Tehmina 2015

Morning Alison, I want to thank you for the healing. The ear/throat ache I have been suffering from for years has gone now!  I am so grateful to you. It is amazing to wake up pain free. x

O.H.  2018

Testimonials: Testimonials
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