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Facilitating Transformation

Distant Healing Solutions is an evolving, expanding service to humanity born out of over 40 years of administering spiritual healing to clients around the world. Discovering her natural gift for healing in 1977  founder Alison Murtough qualified in various healing modalities including Counselling, Aromatherapy, VortexHealingEnergeticTherapy(c), Flower of Life Sacred Geometry, Rahani and Spiritual Healing.  The resultant transmission of powerful healing energy uplifts emotions including anxiety or stress, and heals physical problems from reducing pain to supporting cancer treatments for both adults and children. 

Tangible personal transformation is commonplace for our clients as trauma is released from the deepest layers within a person's physical, emotional and auric field resulting in a healthier happier you.  Entities, past-life patterns, attachments - in fact whatever causes you discomfort is released leaving a lightness in its place.

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Metaphysical Alchemist

Alison will gently, but powerfully, transmit uniquely personalised high energy light vibrations to support your healing when you need it, raising your frequency from a state of unease in mind or body to one of health and joy.

An accomplished, naturally gifted healer and an expert in her field,  Alison's  extensive experience and numerous satisfied clients are testament to her consistent ability to uplift and to positively transform lives. With a vast range of experience dealing with any condition from physical or emotional  conditions.including but not limited to fear, anxiety,  grief, depression, anger,  etc to removing entities or past life trauma,.   for those Each treatment or  channelling is a step towards helping with your self-awakening.

As a channel for source consciousness, aka Master -  an omni-present consciousness which transcends space and time, sessions are question- led, bringing uniquely individual insights, wisdom and deep positive transformation.

A quote from Alison's first Book "Elusive Love" -

"When a whisper has the power of truth behind it,

it becomes a ROAR!"

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Relax and Recover

A distant healing is your opportunity to relax while stresses and tension are effortlessly dissolved leaving you feeling lighter and happier. A time for your body to absorb powerful light energy to accelerate your healing process.  After an initial consultation you can lie down, or sit if you prefer, whilst powerful light energy is transmitted directly to you. Whatever your need you can be assured of a quality service and a quality solution.

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At the end of each session we recommend that you remain relaxed for as long as you feel.  We will email you feedback of your session and if you wish to discuss anything further you are welcome to email and we will contact you as soon as possible. All sessions are completely confidential.

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